This website is here to give you the tools that you need to make the most out of paid surveys. Survey taking has become a popular activity for those looking to make some extra money, but many people give up quickly if they do not make a fortune right away. They do not take the time to learn the best way to approach survey taking so that they can earn the most money. If you plan to take the extra time to learn the basics, give yourself a pat on the back. you are already ten steps ahead of those who just jump into it.

Paid Survey Taking Potential

First, we need to look at your expectations. What do you expect survey taking to do for you? If you think that you will make a full time income doing surveys and come home with $2000, $3000 or even $4000 a month, you are wrong. Survey taking will make you good money, but it will not pay all the bills. Even with the best online paid surveys websites, you should expect to make between $500 and $1500 a month doing surveys, if you are good. This is a good chunk of change, but you will not get rich. As long as you understand that and have reasonable expectations, you will be very happy taking surveys.

Choosing Your Work Place

One of the great things about survey taking online is that you can do the surveys anywhere. This is fantastic and makes them very convenient, but it makes people make one common mistake. They do them anywhere they want. This typically means in front of the television. It sounds nice to watch television and make money but it drastically cuts your efficiency. You might be able to do one or two surveys an hour while watching television, but if you concentrate you could do five or six an hour. This means that you could potentially be five times as productive by just not watching television and choosing a productive environment. Choose a location that is comfortable, but free of distractions. Avoid the temptation to multi task, concentrate just on surveys. This also means no facebook and no checking email. Get a survey exclusive email address from yahoo or any free email service so that you can check it while you work without running into distracting personal email. Bottom line is that if you treat online survey taking as a job, you will make much more money.

Choosing Your Websites

Your success in this business will depend greatly on the websites that you choose to work with. There are a number of good websites and a number of bad ones. You will need the ability to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. Luckily, this is rather easy to do if you know what you are looking for. For example, you should never pay for access to a website, no matter what they promise you. This never works out in your favor. You should also avoid websites that are more interested in you trying products and signing up for free trials. Many websites are just there to get you to commit to offers from their advertisers.

When you begin trying websites, make a list, preferably in spreadsheet form. List all of your information such as user names and passwords so that you can find them easily. Try new websites often and keep editing your list. You want a list of survey websites that is as big as possible, but you do not want unproductive websites on your list. If a website stops producing income, remove it from your list. Make a list of websites to avoid so that you do not inadvertently join the website again. 

Develop Your Routine

Those who have the most success with survey taking will develop a routine. Taking a disciplined approach to survey taking will give you a steady income and keep you from wasting time. So, for the best results do your surveys at the same time every day for a set period of time. Do not try to force more surveys into your day. This will make your hourly rate drop. For example, you might make $40 in your normal 2 hour time block of surveys but then try to do more and only make an extra $10 in 2 extra hours. Your hourly wage has now dropped from $20 an hour to $12.50 an hour. Stick to your routine that makes you the most money per hour.

Becoming Survey Efficient

Lastly, let's look at developing survey efficiency. With practice, you will be able to do surveys much faster than the average person. This is because surveys are similar. With practice, you can anticipate what they are asking you without reading the entire question. This will drastically cut your time down. Be careful though, survey makers like to throw in some trick questions to make sure that you are paying attention. They may ask you to enter a certain answer or they may ask you about a product that does not exist. You need to be able to recognize these questions. With practice, this is easy to do.

Another way to be efficient is to take surveys about things that you know about or are interested in. To do this, you should completely fill out your profile and do profile surveys. They may seem like a waste of time, but they will help the survey website steer more relevant surveys to you.

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